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By Emmett A. Conway, Sr., The Olde Forester

This page contains clippings from e-mails from The Olde Forester and those communicating with him with genealogy information about his wife's and his family trees.

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Patti Pjerrou-Paynter
Hi Emmet, Love to find new Pierrou cousins.  We are related as Gabriel Pierrou was a great great great uncle of mine.  I have all the particulars of he and his wife and all of their children.  I will send you everything, if you can send me your mailing address.  Is that what you meant by snail mail?  I am not up on this internet lingo.  But guess what you have more cousins in California in Turlock and Modesto.  I met them last summer.  One is George Pierrou who is a retired teacher in Modesto.  He has cousins there too sothere are still Pierrou descendants in the Turlock/Modesto area.
In the meantime, it will take me a few days to get everything together on the genealogy.  I work full time for the Seattle Public Library.
We also have many living cousins in Sweden with whom I write on a regular basis.  I will try to give you names and addresses.

Briefly what I can remember off the top of my head without searching for all of the paperwork is this:

Johan Gabriel Pierrou of Forsbacka (B. 7/4/1840)  was married to Margareta
Johanna Backius (B.2/11/43)  of Soderala.  The children I know of for sure
are:  Johanna, Sofia, Alma Lovisa (immigrated to Turlock), Carl, Wendla, Beda
Amalia (immigrated to Turlock and married someone named Lund or
Lundgren), Hulda, Olga, Karl (I write Karl's grandaughter Agneta Pierrou now in Umea but used to be a travel agent when I first met her in Gavle.), Knut, and Gerda.They also probably had at least three more children named Harold, Marie and Bertil.

From my records, Amalia and her husband Lund or Lundgren had at least 6
children.  (Five were Teckla, Mildred, Ivor, Melvin, and Ruth.   It is
difficult to make sense of some of these records because some times people
write dates, places and names down wrong, but I think it is the same family.
I will try to find more and send it to me but do send me your address and
phone #.  Hope this finds you well.   Your new cousin Patti Pjerrou-Paynter

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