Condition of Iron Furnaces in Hanging Rock Iron Region

By Richard Leive

Note from The Olde Forester:
Please read and think about, then do something to help preserve the existing Hanging Rock Iron Region Nineteen stone stack furnaces still in existence--in various stages of decay as Richard Lieve describes below. He has examined these stacks several times, made an excellent video which he will provide for cost, and makes recommendations he earnestly hopes will be acted upon by responsible owners. He gave the following report in the Fall of the year 2000.

Richard Leive report:
We have, in the past, talked about the importance of trying to preserve the old Charcoal Iron Furnace Stacks that are still in existence. Nineteen of those old forest sentinels have survived for over one-hundred years, but are now in varying conditions of deterioration due to the effects of weather, tree roots and other foliage, and vandalism. Some of the existing stacks are located on private property and some are on public lands.  Some are located in excluded areas while others are located in view of well traveled highways.  Hope Furnace and Vesuvius Furnace have been preserved in public parks and Buckeye Furnace has
been restored by the Ohio Historical Society. In working from north to south, I will try to give an account of the various condition of each furnace stack which Norm Murphy and I have documented on a six hour video account of our research.

Perhaps some ideas might be generated as to how we could help to preserve the above mentioned sites and to make them more visible to the general public.  Perhaps someone might know who owns the Olive Furnace site and could get permission from the owner to remove the trees that threaten the arch structure.  We might want to erect signs to identify sites near public roadways.  Any other suggestions to promote interest in the HRIR would be appreciated.  Suggestions should be sent
to Richard Leive.

To order Richard Leive video on the Hanging Rock Iron Furnaces, e-mail him at
Cost of video is $40.

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