The Great Trail
By Emmett A. Conway, Sr., The Olde Forester

The Great Trail, as it was called, began in Deleware and went across PA, to Oldtown along the Ohio River below Pittsburgh. Then across Columbiana Co. to Bolivar, OH, westerly and up to Sandusky, then on west. This was the route Col. Boquet took with his army in Pontiac's War, 1763. He was headed for Lower Shawnee Town, now Goldcliff Park on US 23 south of Circleville. You go past the ancient towns of the Shawnee and many tribes before them every time you drive on US 23. What a shame that there is nothing to call attention to their very great importance for thousands of years!

It was the great migration route east and west as was the "Great Indian Warpath" from SE US through Chillicothe, Ohio, and on west.

For more information see a copy of the book, Indian Paths of Pennsylvania, by Paul Wallace. You may find a copy at OSU library or the OHS library. It is out of print. Also, see Liz Lawrence Larson's web site, called "The Overland Trail".

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